So why should you hire a marketing agency for your business? That’s a question tMRKTNG gets all the time.


Marketing is not just a small task that can be done in a few minutes.  Marketing takes hours; between creating content, viewing analytics or results, editing content to match those analytics, and even making sure your posting at an optimal time for your market.  Marketing has grown into a 24 hour a day job.

That’s why tMRKTNG started.  Small business owners shouldn’t be worried about learning all there is to know about marketing in 2019, they should instead worry about running day to day operations to keep their business afloat.

tMRKTNG was built with the concept of maximizing revenue for business owners.

tMRKTNG has a customer first approach.

What does that mean to you a potential customer? tMRKTNG isn’t here to nickel and dime you every step of the way.  With an easy to understand pricing model, you know exactly how much any project or activity is going to cost beforehand.

tMRKTNG is also accessible to you at any time.  If you see a great idea or just want to have a dialogue about a current promotion there is always an open line for communication whether that be via phone or email.

Here at tMRKTNG, your business is our business.

It’s more than social media

Of course, tMRKTNG has great social media management but that isn’t all that is offered.  here’s a list of what tMRKTNG does.

  • Marketing Audit: We’ll evaluate all marketing materials and suggest improvements
  • Social Media Management: Creating content, engaging with users, developing leads through social media
  • Web Development:  Have a good website already? Awesome let’s use that to our advantage! Not quite there yet? tMRKTNG is ready to help develop your great website today.  Check here for our website portfolio.
  • Social Scrub: Running for political office? Are you a “local celebrity”? tMRKTNG will scrub your social media, looking for potentially harmful posts.  We will remove those posts and make sure your record in the local vicinity is clean.
  • Customer Relationship Management: It costs less to keep an existing customer than to earn a new one.  Are you managing that relationship properly?
  • Public Relations: Need a story to get on the news? tMRKTNG has strong connections in local media.  Blog posts are included with tMRKTNG’s services as well!
  • Commercial Recording: Need a commercial for your social media tMRKTNG develops professional commercials at an affordable rate!
  • Print Ads: tMRKTNG also develops print ads for marketing purposes.

At this point, you’re probably asking well what does tMRKTNG not do? The easy answer is if it is a marketing project, activity, or operation tMRKTNG does it.

Here at tMRKTNG, your business is our business.

Are you ready to maximize your potential? Contact us today.