Social Media Ethics 2018

I have been pondering writing this blog out for a few weeks, and as 2018 ends I figured now would be the time to do it.  This year before starting my business, I started to change the way I interact on social media.  I’ve noticed over the years just how toxic and awful people can be when they are behind a keyboard. I think this is true of all generations as well.  While you would think most adults would not engage in such activity, I’ve found most any age group will.

I think here in the Ohio Valley we can all agree that when you click the comments on a news article, you’re going to see tons and tons of hateful, rude, and downright sad comments in the feed. I grew up on social media.

I remember editing my Myspace layout to have Philadelphia Eagles backgrounds, as we well as making sure I had the best song possible (and if anyone else got that song I had to change).  I remember my first day on Facebook and thinking “Man, this is stupid.” and then a few weeks later never logging on to my Myspace again.  I remember getting Twitter and how exciting it was to get followed by my favorite football player (Shout out to Jason Kelce)!

The point is I remember when social media wasn’t so toxic.  I think it’s important heading into the new year that we get back to that, and I’m leading the charge.

As I said above I’ve changed my social media habits over the last year or so.  My Twitter feed mostly consists of sports comments, as it is my outlet for complaining about my teams.  I have stopped engaging in hateful arguments with people over on twitter.  I have been surprised at the amount of times I have been pleased to walk away from a discussion having learned more about a person, as opposed to being right.

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*The gentleman above disagreed with me about a hockey play a few weeks ago.  Instead of being awful to each other we saw each others points, and ended the conversation on a great note.  A quick look at his bio told me he streams on twitch (a livestream service, mostly based on video game streaming)*

So many people have gotten caught up in being right.  Not right in the sense of factually correct, but right in the sense of “You’re wrong, I’m right. End of conversation.”  I think it’s important to find that middle ground where maybe I have some good points, and you have some good points and we can both learn from each other.

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This is another example from my Twitter feed.  This gentleman and I went back and forth about the Celtics playing bad.  There is ZERO reason we need to be rude to each other because we disagree about SPORTS.

Even when a more serious topic comes up such as politics, religion, sexuality, and gender equality not everyone is going to have the same views, and that is FINE.  Just because I think one thing, and you think another doesn’t mean we have to call each other names.  We should use that opportunity to learn about one another.  If you believe something and I believe totally differently we can still be neighbors.

We’re all trying to do the same thing here, so instead of being on opposing teams and beating each other down, why don’t we team up and work together?

They say social media connects us, let’s take advantage of that.

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