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The day is July 29, 2018 and during the ninth inning of the Atlanta Braves game Pitcher Sean Newcomb is about to complete his no hit bid, an impressive feat and exciting day. Chris Taylor broke up that no hit bid with 2 outs in the ninth inning.

You may find yourself asking ‘what does this have to do with Social Media marketing and more importantly tMRKTNG?’

Shortly after the game some old Sean Newcomb tweets from 2011-2012 when Sean was an 18 year old surfaced. They were homophobic in nature, and he has since apologized, saying:

“This is something that obviously can’t be happening. I feel bad about it. I don’t mean to offend anybody. I definitely regret it.”

This news comes a week after a different MLB player had similar tweets come to light.

Social Media can be vicious, especially if you are a public figure, whether that be an athlete, business owner, manager, politician, or anything of the like. People can and will scrub your social media looking for any possibly offensive tweet, or post, or shared item they can find. They always say “once it’s on the internet it never disappears.” This is true.. partly. Posts can be deleted, and while they still may show up via search engine search they will be off of your timeline. I’m positive all of us have posted a comment we aren’t proud of, shared a post we wouldn’t want a future boss seeing, or even liked something that maybe we shouldn’t have.

In 2018 it is of utmost importance to scrub your social media clean of things you aren’t proud of. It is a digital world we live in after all, according to Statista, 81% of Americans have a social media account. Imagine every social media account as a potential customer, investor, or client. Most of us (Myself included) have had social media for a decade. Whether you go back to Myspace (middle school for me) or even AIM Messenger you more than likely have social media posts somewhere out there almost a decade old.

tMRKTNG is not here to play judge and jury and chastise people for things they tweeted or said when they were younger. What I am here for is to help improve your image, and see to it that your social media doesn’t destroy your brand. “Social Scrubbing” is 100% confidential, meaning after I scrub your tweets, posts, shares they are shown to YOU and then destroyed.

*Disclaimer: None of the info I find and share with you will be shared with anyone under any circumstance.*

With the above being stated tMRKTNG is now offering a “Social Scrub.” For $350  per 400 “posts” tMRKTNG will go through your social media, find anything offensive, compile it for you, and present it to you in a manner where only the account holder / executive and I are present. From there the ultimate decision is yours (as always) but tMRKTNG will more than likely advise you to allow us to remove those posts. Prices on our “Plans” page!

Once you are “scrubbed” tMRKTNG will monitor your profile and continue to advise you what may or may not be offensive to potential clients and account viewers. This is included in your original $350 / 400 “posts” quote.

Visit the “Contact” page to set up your consultation now!

In 2018 it is extremely important to monitor your online presence, and tMRKTNG is here to help!

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