Tanner’s Tips: March

Good day everyone! It’s time for another “Tanner’s Tips”

#1. Finding your Target Audience

Are you marketing to the right people? I know, I know when you’re selling a product or service your market theoretically is everyone. In theory, you market your service and everyone wants it, but in practice it’s much more convoluted than that. If you are selling a new sophisticated computer you wouldn’t want to spend massive resources marketing that to the older generation.

The younger generation, mainly college students to 35-year-olds would be a better bet for your business. They’re more likely to be motivated to buy such an item. So it’s okay to market to all crowds, but I am suggesting that you spend your money more efficiently.

How tMRKTNG can help you ACHIEVE this

The first thing tMRKTNG will do when you sign a contract is find out who you’re target is. This is done by investigating your business, gauging your current social media following, and researching your services or products.

After that is found I will begin drafting different advertising for those different segments. The advertisement’s we run for millenials are inherently going to be different than the ones we run for baby boomers. That way instead of spending a fortune on one basic advertisement, we spend a proportionate amount for 2 seperate ads. This maximizes that value for the business.

#2. Promoting to the right location

Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook and got an ad for a business across the country and thought “why?” The why is because when that business set up it’s promotion they didn’t select the proper location, they let Facebook decide for them. This is a huge mistake, that is going to cost money on your bottom line.

If you’re a business in the Ohio Valley, unless you have massive online retail, advertising your item in California is not going to net you any revenue. You need to advertise your business to the local clientele that are likely to come to your business.

How tmrktng can help you achieve this

When setting up promotions tMRKTNG will already know where your clients are coming from and where we should focus. The location the ad runs in will be exactly where you want it and will maximize the potential Return on Investment for your business. As already stated we could run those two separate ads to different populations that match those demographics.

#3. making your ad standout

Your ads need to be “flashy”. Gone are the days of writing a few paragraphs and hitting “promote”. Facebook has algorithms that decide when to push an ad to a users phone. When you have a heavy text ad (or even mostly text) if it is between you and your competition who has a nice 45 second video Facebook is more than likely going to pick the video. That doesn’t mean you need a video for every ad, but it does mean a video or flyer works better than just posting text ads.

how tmrktng can help you achieve this

tMRKTNG will come to your location and take photo’s and video’s for the ads we decide to run. We will not run text heavy ads, and will ensure your ads make it to the target.

#4. Managing multiple accounts at once

When you own a business you want to be on all relevant social medias that your target market is using. If your target likes to use Twitter, you need to be on Twitter and the same goes for all different social media’s. Managing these is going to take time and resources, but you need to be active on those accounts to make sure you stay relevant on the minds of consumers.

“Managing” social media isn’t just making sure your posting, it’s engaging with users, participating in industry related topics, and growing your network out to multiple branches. Being a “industry thought leader” is a great way to step up your social footprint and be the go to for new ideas and helping consumer.

How tmrktng can help you achieve this

tMRKTNG can manage as many social channels as you’d like. This saves you tons of time and energy that you can redirect into other business operations. In managing your accounts tMRKTNG will be working to make sure your social media is a thought leader, as well as an active account.

#5. Dare to be different

You need to stand out. I mentioned above your ads need to “be flashy” along with that, don’t be afraid to stand out from your competition. If your competition is really good at creating funny videos, don’t waste your assets trying to match them.

Be creative!

Sit and think “what could we do to attract people, and give them a good feeling about our business?” You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but working on the wheel to make it a little better never hurt anyone! When your business stands out everyone takes notice!

In the same breath your posts should match what is important to your company. Make your social media have a personality! My favorite example is Wendy’s. Wendy’s is a Twitter sensation because of the way they interact with customers. If you complain about Wendy’s on Twitter you’re likely to get a response that will make light of the issue and try to get back in good graces.

Don’t be afraid to inject some life into this digital world!


Not everyone is creative, or has time to be creative and imagine new advertisements and posts. When you sign a contract with tMRKTNG the first thing I will produce is an “outline plan” which will have ideas for advertisements, posts, and interactions. Also included, is a schedule of when I would like to have these posted so you can see your quarterly outlook. This makes social media marketing a breeze for you, and ensures we have quality content year round!

As always with tMRKTNG the power is in the clients hands. If you think of ideas, or want to edit ideas I come up with that is no issue!

That’ll do it for this one, be on the lookout for Tanner’s tips in the future.

As always if you are a business owner or know one that needs help with Social Media Marketing send them my way!

Be better today than you were yesterday.

Tanner Yoho

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