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Starting today and every month in the foreseeable future I will be writing about small tips I would recommend to local business’s regarding how they are using social media. The first installment is one I think every business should start at when deciding how they want to market themselves.

Your social presence.

Your social presence is both your personal Facebook/Twitter and your business’s account as well. Like it or not when people hear that James Smith is the owner of ‘Smith’s Hoagies’ they’re going to be looking up that profile as well as your business profile.

Lets jump in!

[This article is a longform version of the embedded video]

#01. Keep your Business and Politics separated [Unless you are a politician!]

We have all probably grown annoyed at the political posts your friends have been making on social media. You have probably unfollowed a few folks due to their opposing stance. As a business owner you have a new responsibility that you maybe haven’t thought about. I call it the “Don’t scare away customers because I support [insert politicians name].” I’m not asking you to not support a politician, I actually think paying attention to politics and current events is awesome.

But I also would implore you to imagine your favorite store owner supports the EXACT opposite party or person that you do. Are you going to continue shopping there? Are you more likely to seek out alternatives now? These are all questions that will come up, and while everyone’s answers to those will be different, why don’t we just not allow the question to come up in the first place?

When sharing politically charged posts on Facebook think “Would this look good to someone who feels the opposite way?” On your personal account you can change your privacy settings to where only certain lists of people can see what you share [a.k.a. Not potential clients searching my name]. From your business account I would advise that you stay 100% neutral. People aren’t following you on social media for your political views, they’re following you because they have interest in your Business.

#02. Respond to reviews / recommendations

I see tons of businesses out there with 10+ reviews and not a single response to any of them. As a business owner you need to take advantage of reviews on Yelp!, Facebook, and Google. When someone says:

“Wow Todd was a great help in the shop. He showed me exactly what I need and I will be back as soon as I have more questions!”

That is a free advertisement for anyone reading it, and it’s important to comment back something like this:

“Thank you [insert name] our team here strives to be the best we can for YOU. We look forward to helping you again soon!”

Wow, talk about impact. Now the user who left the review feels even better about your business and will probably share that comment with tons of friends.

There is another side to this. Most reviews are of the negative variety. These are EVEN MORE important to respond too. Here’s a quick example:

“Todd was one of the rudest assistants I’ve come in contact with. I will be going to Jones’ from now on!”

It is important when crafting your response to consider the following. Todd might not have done anything wrong, Todd may have been totally in the wrong, or this user has it out for you and your business and maybe never entered to begin with. The first step is accepting responsibility for the actions of your employees. Whether you think your employee was right or not you need to let the user know the business has acknowledged it and is acting to improve it. Followed by a private message to get to the bottom of it. Try this one for size:

User we’re sorry to hear about your experience with Todd. We have met with Todd to discuss this matter, and we are confident this problem has been fixed. Please accept our apology and know we take every review very seriously.”

THEN in a private message:

User, again sorry about your experience. I would love to make this right. How about a 15% coupon next time you stop in? I’ll take care of you when you’re there and we’ll get everything you need!”

You tell me what’s more impactful.

#03. Respond to messages quickly

When a client messages you they are more than likely ready to make a purchase now. That means of the three businesses they messaged, whoever answers first probably wins the client over. Messaging can be automated through Facebook (tMRKTNG can set this up for you!) or you can just have them go straight to your messenger app. When you hear that message come in you need to answer as quickly and informatively as you can. Even if you can’t answer the question directly, create a dialogue and a communication chain. When there’s a personal feel to a message the client feels better about that business.

#04. Post during the correct times

Believe it or not, there are correct times to post on social media to maximize engagement and views. tMRKTNG knows these times, and will plan your posts accordingly. More engagement means more potential customers. While you’d imagine if you post at 6:45pm on Friday most people would see your post when they check their phone at dinner, that isn’t always the case. It’s actually been proven that if you post on Friday night, almost no one see’s it (compared to a midweek post).

#05. Nail down your brand.

What is branding? Branding is something we see every single time we look at anything. Nike swoosh? Branding. Orange wrapped chocolate (Reese’s)? Branding.

Simply put: Branding is what people associate with your business / service / item.

There is a reason Reese’s Cups are in an orange plastic wrapper. When you see it on the shelf you know what it is, and if you’re like me you probably start thinking about how it taste’s. Brand is one of the most important steps you will take as a business owner to set the standard for what your companies products will look like.

So when taking pictures and adding filters pick one you can use a lot. Because every photo should have that same mood / feeling. When creating posts with text writing on them use the same fonts to be consistent. If you’re going to make releases and post pdf documents use the same borders / letter head. Little things like that create brand recognition, that will earn you dollars in the long run.

That’ll do it for this one, be on the lookout for Tanner’s tips in the future.

Be better today than you were yesterday.

Tanner Yoho

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